Blood Sacrifice

by Witchaven

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released June 28, 2014

Henry Montoya - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Erik Sneve - Lead Guitar
Lerby Sanchez - Drums
Frank Duarte - Bass

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at HipCro Studios
Cover Artwork by Sickness666



all rights reserved


Witchaven Los Angeles, California

Witchaven reign from Los Angeles,CA. Delivering their special blend of Black Metal, Thrash, and Dbeat to the streets.

Started in 2006

Current line-up:
Henry-Vocals & Guitar
Erik-Lead Guitars
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Track Name: Blood Sacrifice
The eclipse is nigh
And the God's hand awakens here.
Eve of the feast
Of all that you love so dear,
The Beherit calls
And cry's its bloodshed tears.
All around,
Apostles begin to appear.

All ambition is lost,
And the glory that you seek,
You must spill the blood
To achieve all your dreams.
Sacrifice your cherished
And watch them all die,
Baptized eternal fire,
And hear the demons cry.
Track Name: Children
Sometimes I sit here and think about my life,
Things that I did wrong and should've done right.
Being a young child and living so perverse,
Never thinking consequences would be ten times worse.


I was an underage boy trying to be a man,
I made nothing of problems, never understand.
"This is my life and who I wanna be."
Selfish words, blind to reality.

Only 12 years old and already having sex,
Fucking three girls that were in my class.
Just like my video games, movies and T.V.,
Those were the things that were important to me.


The girl I was fucking tells me she is pregnant,
The pressure is too much so I start to run away.
Leave the mother to raise the child on her own,
She resorts to selling her body as a prostitute.


Months later, they found the child's mother slain.
CPS forcing me to take the child in.
Now I'm older, raising my child, and I can see,
For he is growing up to fail just like me!

He's an underage boy
Trying to be a man,
He makes nothing of problems,
Never understand.
"This is His life
And who He wants to be."
Selfish words,
Blind Reality.
Track Name: Monsanto Death Machine
Chemical Insecticide,
Artificial Famine.
Genetically Modified
Seeds destroy our Planet.

Propensity for runoff
Infiltrates groundwater.
Kill entire food chains,
Corporate profit, Murder.

Death Machine,
The Government Sponsors
Are Unforeseen.

Federal Law
Means nothing to me,
For Genocide
Is what they seek.
Track Name: Trance-Formation
My first memories as a child,
It was torture and pain.
I was sexually defiled,
Voice inside my brain.
My mind escapes this horror,
Photographic memory.
I have Identity Disorder,

Exposure to violence
Affects my nervous system and my brain.
Opened receptors
In my mind, my spine starts signaling
My eyes are the windows
To my soul, I learn through my eyes.
Adopting a mindset,
Symbolism embraced into the mind.

In My Brain
Hold Secrets,
Programmed Memory...

Sleeper Cell,
Killer Agent
Locked Inside My Brain...

Now its time for me...

Now it's time for me to kill,
Programmed words awaken skill.

Now my target has been killed,
Programmed words awoken skill.
Track Name: Police State
Police State,
Waged war on streets,
Set check points
To lock away
The unknowing.

Million Dollar
Prisons Owned
The Judge and Lawyers
And the D.A.
Lock us up
For more money.F

The Prison Complex,
They oversee.
In the name of Profit,
In the name of Greed.

Conviction rates,
Non-Violent crime,
Yet locked away.
Create wealth
Through poverty,
Enforced with Brutality.

Forced recidivism
Can't walk away.
Keep us trapped
Criminal Justice,
Police State


See Police
Grow Violently;
Foot Soldiers
Do their bidding.
To them we,
We are guilty,
Guilty of,
Of being Free.

They view us
As Enemy
Watch them kill
Thomas, Kelly.
Watch them kill
Young Oscar Grant.
Watch them kill,
Kill you or me...
Track Name: Aquisition Mortality
Why do I, Feel the way, That I do,
Deep inside...
It feels like, Like my soul's, Leaving me,
Now's my time...

When I shot a man,
I watched him die,
Seen the pain and the struggle,
The fear in his eyes.
The sight scars my mind,
For each time I walked by,
For each time I got high
Under clear California skies...

Watch Him Die...
Watch Him Die...

Why do I, Feel the way, That I do,
Deep inside...
It feels like, Like my soul's, Leaving me,
Now's my time...

I lay here on the ground,
My times now to die,
My blood stains the concrete,
As I look to the sky.
As white fills my eyes,
I shed tears and cry,
For all the times I got high
Under clear California skies...

Watch Me Die...
Watch Me...
Track Name: Death Rides A Pale Horse
Nation led by unknown hands,
Puppet known as President.
Agenda met through legislation,
Blind endorsement from the nation

Private Influenced

General Public
Subject to the

Laws in place to meet a goal:
Submission and Gun Control.
Events occur, A Tragedy,
The citizens cannot foresee

The signs,
Your rights and freedoms
Being left behind.

Master plan unfolds
Slowly through time...
Track Name: Materialism Mania
The masses converge,
Material desire,
Sub-primal urge,
Brought on by denial.
Values replaced
By greed and possessions,
Now you must face
Your souls obsolescence.

Can't you read
Between the lines,
And see behind
The subtle signs?
Tell me...

Does your contentment lie,
In the things you buy?
Is new technology
Your necessity?
Your need?...

Acquire debt
To buy mindlessly,
Lost sight of yourself,
Lost in vanity.
Can't see...

Slave to objects
You need to possess,
One way to regain
Your consciousness
Break free...

Material objects
The things that you see,
The physical realm
Is the only reality.
Subconscious lost
With material greed,
But its all by design
By the powers that be.
Track Name: Puppets On A String
It begins with integration
Of new technology,
Interaction now replaced
By pixels on a screen.

Satisfaction gained by means of
Numbered acclamation,
Integrated private life
Through Private Corporations.


It has begun,
Thoughts come undone.
Approval sought,
Loss of free thought.

Through networks, life's connected,
False sense of community.
All private lies projected
For the Corporate Entities.

Connection abused for profit
And misinformation,
Unaware surveillance
Of the entire Nation.


Live day by day,
Computer Screen,
Puppets on a String...
Track Name: The Golden Rings Of Blood
Clandestine Enemy
To control,

Esoteric Assembly
Who possess,

Behind the curtain holds
The Power,
The Strength,
The Greed.

Coalition it unfolds,
Vice grip,

Bloodlines of an ancient era
Usher in a dawn of a New Age.
The twilight of consciousness
Culminates to the rise of slaves.