by Witchaven

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released March 6, 2010

Henry - Vocals & Guitar
Jerry - Guitar
Lerby - Drums
Jorge - Bass

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by David (Havok) Sanchez
Cover Artwork by Sickness666



all rights reserved


Witchaven Los Angeles, California

Witchaven reign from Los Angeles,CA. Delivering their special blend of Black Metal, Thrash, and Dbeat to the streets.

Started in 2006

Current line-up:
Henry-Vocals & Guitar
Erik-Lead Guitars
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Track Name: A.D.D.
From the moment you're born, they begin to take control.
Laying down the rules, they send you off to school.
No chance for thought, your wrong and they are right.
No intellect, no asking "Why?"
Just look at TV, it seems so real.
You don't understand, emotions that you feel.
Independent though is taking control.
Programmed ignorance, it takes its toll

Conditioned for society,
Numbed to the point of apathy.

Allowance of injustice persists to exist.
No excuse for the continuation of this.
Subliminal suggestions, Spontaneous control
No use in fighting your brain has conformed to their mold.

LEAD - Henry

No one knows the reason why there must be loss of human life.
While other people who survive do nothing else to make it right.
Your brain, now, has turned to shit,
What do you have to show for it?
A house, a job, a family?
Exactly what you're supposed to be.
Track Name: Terrorstorm
Government sponsored terrorist,
Choreographed death of their own society.
Murder all your citizens,
Political motives bring our final day.
The military state,
The state of law controlling now it takes our rights away.
Burning Constitution
The country dies, we go to war once more again.


LEAD - Jerry

False flag operations,
Atrocious acts, you turn around and make us fight your war.
Brainwash, manipulation
Our society clueless to your state of terror.
Genocide of all the nations, motionless in fear.
United States of Imprisonment
Taking all our rights away, martial law is set in gear.
Track Name: Black Thrash Assault
The hour of battle is at hand and the time for glory is now.
The pure black of an army that is set to kill.
War is the reason we prosper in a world so cruel.
Violence and death is the reason for a life set to rule.

War and Death

Soldiers that kill, machines of war,
Troops of pain and terror
Militia of hate, brothers in arms,
Terror that brings you death
Chaos and pain, under one sign,
Sign of the Black Mark
Thrash attack, leading the way,
War convulses the Earth

Black Thrash Assault

A society that knows only the horrors of war,
The way that was given to us even at birth.
We know no other way but to kill who oppose,
To slaughter and maim the enemy and all who defy.

War and Death

Lead - Jerry

Black Thrash Assault
Track Name: Absolute Profit
Contemporary form of slavery, they call it slave labor.
Human life worth three pennies, all human right laws lose their power.
What did the last four hundred years in the grave possess?
Only the improved cleverness of the slave masters.

Enslaved for absolute profit
Women and children are trapped in this Hell
Retailers imposing slavery
Open your eyes and lift the veil

Is life worth living if you're living in Hell?
When the mind is confined to a prisoner's cell.
And the lies they devised in the system that fell?
But I expect the system to fail

LEAD - Henry

LEAD - Jerry

Enslaved for absolute profit
Women and children are trapped in this jail
Retailers imposing slavery
Open your eyes and lift the veil
Track Name: No End In Sight
Destructive intentions piercing our rights.
Infesting our minds to take hold.
A continuing recession lowering in sight,
Belligerent diversions controlled.

Demented liars, they kill
Working their way to take charge.
Rising their way to the peak,
Killing their own for gain.

Infecting, controlling our will.
A disease run rampant, unseen.
Treason is asking a question,
but killing is always a routine?

History repeats,
Always power behind the throne.
The overwhelming elites
Take hold of your body, mind, and soul.

LEAD - Henry

LEAD - Jerry

No End in Sight
Track Name: Conflagration
City streets covered in white powder.
Crooked cops see innocence is devoured.
Sewn deep, in the veins of the city.
The crystal takes a method of infamy.

Crystal lust, it takes a hold,
Caress and embrace to thee.
They don't sell it, it sells itself,
Which makes more profit for me.

The blood of its victims flood the streets.
As more and more dealers make profit and that's when I see,
Not to falter even city hall takes a cut.
The game is set and it's time for me to play

Crystal lust, it takes a hold,
Caress and embrace to thee.
They don't sell it, it sells itself,
Which makes more profit for me

Get a lab, make a sack, turn your forty to eighty.
Stack my grip, one at a time, budgets start elevating.
Pseudophedrine, iodine, red phosphorus
In my lab. Made a batch. People spending whole checks.

LEAD - Jerry

Moving gallon after gallon, and key after key.
I set my price with a gun on this pyramid scheme.
I keep my strap on my side if you get wise on me.
If you act real funny I'll blast you dead.
And watch you fucking bleed.

Crystal lust, it takes a hold.
Caress and embrace to thee.
They don't sell it, it sells itself,
Which makes more profit to me.
Track Name: Ardent Lust
Come to me with ardent lust.
The blessings of your pleasure of flesh.
Grant me your warmth tonight.
Fornicate til the dawn of light.

She puts me under her spell
Lavish in her graceful skin

Many more to satisfy.
Never will I quench my thirst.
Exotic and rampant, she comes to me.
Penetrating: She's found what she seeks.

LEAD - Henry
Track Name: Dawn Of The Unholy
Gullible screams of the eternally deceived.
We must persist and resist to all who comply.
Refuse to follow under the set of rule.
Slavery to false authority.

The Unholy

Established for power and personal gain.
Awaken, open your eyes.
The truth behind material thought.
The time is now to bring their demise.

LEAD - Jerry
Track Name: Empty Chasm
Whisper beautifully
Drinking profusely
She grants me her graceful strength
I feel her flow through my veins

Emptiness it haunts
Wash me away
Misery it holds

Slowly she takes hold
Hatred running deep
I'm left wanting more
Enter this chasm

Emptiness it haunts
Wash away misery

LEAD - Jerry
Track Name: Unholy Copulation
I dip my forefinger in watery blood,
The impotent redeemer, the son of their God.
The blood is on my hands now, I pass on the torch,
Reveal thy master, I bring you my sword.
With death I shall come on the tip of the blade.
The Lord of the Light, now give me your strength.
They casted me down, down to this Hell.
Our bodies melt together, are under his spell.

Kill the priest, slay the Christ,
Only evil takes command
Reeking terror, bringing pain,
Pure hatred is at hand

Bringing death from the sky.
Spread the famine and plague
Perverse lust taking hold,
Grant me the pleasure of sin.

LEAD - Jerry